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Hour of natural light 2020 5 - 12 July 2020

The church renovation of 2011 brought a new electrical lighting concept. Since then, the altar of the Virgin Mary by Tilman Riemenschneider shines in a special light.

But there are also voices that say that the altar is more expressive in natural light. A comparison is possible again this year:

The hour of natural light is back in the week
from 05. to 12.July 2020. In each case from 17 to 18 o'clock the electrical lighting of the Marienaltar is switched off!

The colour of the wood, the spatial impression (the new - different shading) and the detailed workings, change in a very interesting way.
Who enters the church shortly before 17 o'clock, sees both light variants!
Let us surprise you!

Do not confuse the hour of natural light with the miracle of light. You can admire the miracle of light from 15-31 August.


Reopening of the Herrgottskirche

Since Tuesday, May 12, 2020, the Herrgottskirche has been open to visitors again at the usual times.

Due to the long closing time and the loss of admission fees, we are especially dependent on your donations. We would be pleased about any financial contribution so that the Herrgottskirche can remain open.
Many thanks!

Donation accounts:
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Visit the Herrgottskirche also in "real" - 
a place, where heaven and earth meet each other.

A good place to meet
the art and
other humans.

Let yourself be impressed by the probably most significant altar from Tilman Riemenschneider.


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